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Download these as additional resources for. Biodiversity Nature Examines the flora and fauna present in the school environment and suggests ways to increase the levels of biodiversity around the school and raises the pupils awareness of biodiversity and nature.

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International Eco-Schools Twinning Program.

Eco schools biodiversity ideas. The project will introduce children to the following topics through the overarching theme of the biodiversity of potted plants and outdoor environments. Physical Education Preparing for outdoor work. These ideas are fun to get involved in and can really enrich the school experience for a lot of pupils.

Of the Eco-School partner organisations who may have some ideas on local projects that your school could take part in. One in a series of free webinars to support educators in their role as Eco-Schools Coordinator in their school. Taking care of others.

Not a New Idea. Come along to find out some of the basics about the variety of life on Earth its importance and how we can all act to protect it. The Eco-Code is the schools mission statement and should demonstratein a positive inclusive and imaginative waythe whole schools commitment to improving their environmental performance.

Working together pupils have transformed their grounds into a fantastic space for outdoor learning. These stem from United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Applying findings to the wider community.

The Eco-Committee of practitioners and children at Greengables decided that the Biodiversity topic should be included in their Action Plan with a particular focus on planting to improve their immediate environment. Our big idea is to bring schools across Ireland together as a patchwork of mini nature reserves. Taking part in physical tasks.

To provide you with some ideas on how to approach the Biodiversity topic in your school this chapter provides. With information activities and takeaway ideas youll be all set to get started with this amazing topic. By encouraging the use of the outdoors to teach and learn about biodiversity.

Footkin Biodiversity activity book has been developed to educate students about animal biology and behaviour the importance of and threats to plant and animal biodiversity and conservation status and practices. An Eco-School can care for biodiversity in several ways. Eco-Schools Biodiversity topic you will be crossing over into other topics like the School Grounds topic and if you are clearing areas for planting or wildlife you could also be covering the topics of Litter and Waste.

The campaign is as simple as setting aside a small part of your school grounds to grow throughout the summer and studying the plants and insects in this area. The BLUE Campaign was founded by wildlife film maker Fergus Beeley in 2014 to address the decline in biodiversity across the UK. Eco-Schools Biodiversity Topic Primary Education Personal Development Understanding health and safety on site.

Take a 10-minute walk in a green space. Biodiversity has connections with all the different environmental strands that drawn together characterise a healthy and caring Eco School. In order to help support those of you still working in school and those of you who are now having to home school we wanted to create a new set of Eco-School resources that could be adapted to enable you to work on a variety of environmental topics with young people of any age whilst juggling a million and one other tasks and difficulties due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

A case study that aims to provide inspiration contacts for organisations that play a role in ensuring. Eco-Schools is the largest global sustainable schools programme it starts in the classroom and expands to the community by engaging the next generation in action-based learning. The programmes greatest achievement is arguably the fact that it produces generation after generation of sustainably minded environmentally conscious people.

Pupils at McLaren High School took part in several projects to improve Biodiversity in their school grounds including Pollination with Grounds For Learning which aims to increase numbers of pollinators. There are a lot of other charities and organisations providing fabulous free resources and project ideas that may help you work on our Biodiversity topic including Eco-Schools. The aim of our project is to teach young people all across Ireland about biodiversity and get them actively involved in nature conservation.

By showing positive attitudes and values for the health and well-being of local habitats plants and animals as well as humans. Form an Eco-Action Team. You will find everything you need to boost biodiversity at your school.

First the Eco-Committee researched which herbs vegetables and plants that would be particularly enticing to butterflies and bees. Global citizenship reasonable consumption of goods diversity in nature the needs of plants and animals health and welfare. Developing care for their local environment.

It can be a nearby forest park beach or even your own gardenunder a tree. Classroom activities teacher ideas linked into some of our eleven environmental topics aids in your Green Flag applications and knowledge of the Eco-Schools programme. For 30 seconds close your eyes stand or sit still relax breathe and just listen to your surroundings.

Why should we care.

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